Upcycled votive tea lights candle holders with wooden base

Packaging: 1 Tlight (11 cm) in a CHAKO gift box

Packing unit: 6 CHAKO gift boxes in an outer box (6 Tlights)

Material:  old wine bottles, Mkongo wood

Youth & Female Empowerment

We belive in gender equality and female empowerment. 60% of the Chako artisans are female. Furthermore we focus on unemployed youth and create knowledge.

Upcycled & Uplifted

This product is made out of one from more than 2 million bottles we collect in one year in Zanzibar.

The upcycling process does not only creates new products out of waste, it also encourages local artisans and creates a safe job and opportunity to gain knowledge and awarness.

Fair Trade

Since 2018 Chako is a proudly guranteed member of World Fair Trade Organisation. This includes that we follow and underline the 10 fair trade rules:

1. Create Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers

2. Transparency and Accountability

3. Fair Trading Practices
4. Payment of a Fair Price
5. Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour

6. Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equality, Freedom of Association

7. Ensuring Good Working Conditions

8. Providing Capacity Building

9. Promoting Fair Trade

10. Respect for the Environment

CHF 47.00