Zanzibar, the island known for its rich cultural history of sultans, harems and spice trade.

Zanzibar is the overall name of the group of islands in the Indian Ocean, just before the coast of Tanzania. Unguja (also called ‘Zanzibar island’) is the most popular one. Over 200,000 people visit Zanzibar every year.

The historical past of Zanzibar is still alive in the architecture and traditions of many local Swahili whose life has remained the same for centuries.

With our unusual blend of culture along with white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees and crystal azure waters – it is no wonder we receive so many visitors each year.

While we appreciate our guests and the support they bring through tourism, it does bring more waste to our tiny island. That is why recycling is so important to us.

Each CHAKO product is made of recycled materials. Not only does this create something beautiful out of waste, it shows our local community to learn to recycle themselves.

Zanzibar's blooming environment inspires us to protect the beautiful and blessed nature on our small island.

The CHAKO workshop is located in the middle of the spice farms. We wish Zanzibar to stay a natural beauty with long white beaches, colorful coral reefs, waving coconut trees and the turquoise Indian ocean. CHAKO fights against the growing waste problem on Zanzibar.

Day-by-day we work towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Uplifting every piece of glass, upcycling all the plastic, collecting rainwater and using solar energy brings us closer to our goal to become a zero waste workshop.