Workshop & Awareness Tour

Workshop Tour

See how our local artisans turn a wine bottle into a jar and experience yourself how
your old shampoo bottle gets shredded with our human powered bike-shredder. Grab your chance to take a look behind the scene and meet our artisans. For every paid tour we organise a free “awareness-tour” for our local community or school.
We have a small boutique where you can shop a nice souvenir to bring home.
You can also visit our workshop in combination with a tour at the spice farms.
We also arrange transports from your hotel to CHAKO and/or from CHAKO to the airport.


Shared Tour


10:00 - 11:00am every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Private Tour


including a small CHAKO gift

on request

Awareness Tour

Spread the knowledge! We think that the most effective way to create awareness and work together towards a cleaner Zanzibar is to educate the communities.

We invite schools, our hotel partners and their local team members to visit our workshop. The awareness tour is designed to see, understand and experience yourself how up cycling works and which positive impacts it has for Zanzibar.