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The TUI Care Foundation and Chako have joined forces to create a cleaner Zanzibar - helping to protect the beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean and provide social and economic opportunities for its communities. Over the next years, a zero-waste, glass & plastic collection and upcycling station will tackle the challenges of waste on the island. It will offer training and jobs to disadvantaged, young people and give local artisans the chance to create and sell handcrafted products made from recycled glass & plastic. A positive step for sustainability in Zanzibar!

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Bottle & Plastic collection

CHAKO already collects bottles & plastic already at several hotels, resorts, restaurants and dumps in Zanzibar. But we are always looking for new locations and partnerships. Contact us if you want to be part of our journey!

CHAKO is always looking for new ways to develop. If you think you can support us in any way, please contact us.

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By supporting CHAKO you contribute to the social development & environmental protection in Africa.